Pokemon TV Series

Pokemon is one of the greatest Japanese anime series. I called it greatest because this show has not only been supported by Japan but also sported by the whole world. The flight of the Pokemon episodes took of from Japan and covered the television market of America, Australia and Europe also. From the beginning of the show, it has got huge fan following. The craze to watch Pokemon episodes can be judged from the searches of Pokemon. Millions of people are searching on net to watch this show. They want o know everything about the show. The show is full of with entertainment and the characters like Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in Japanese series), Misty (Kasumi in Japanese series), Gary (Shigeru in Japanese series) makes this show more entertaining. Here I want to share my personal experience when I watched Pokemon episodes first time. I was really impressed by the story and the characters of the show. From then I have become an addict of this show. Now I can't live without watching this show.
This show is so huge that people often search on net to watch its old and new episodes. Some of them get right places but some are deceived by other fake or cheap sites. These fake or cheap sites remain full with many kind of viruses and Trojans. These kinds of sites harm their PCs. By visiting those kind of sites, some timesthey lost their important data.
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Watch 24 Season 8 Promo

Just few days are left for the premier of 24 Season 8. Checkout the promo video of season 8. It will be premiered on January 17,2010. For more info about the show or to watch 24 episodes go through the source.