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To watch 24 episodes is something which can not be put into words. It is more or less like a roller coaster ride. It delivers an incredible entertainment and watching its episodes is an out of the world experience. Soon after the airing of the first season, it became a household name. The credit of its unparalleled success goes to the way of presentation of events, unique character-sketch, realistic locations, skilled actors and its plot line, of course. Its exclusive story line is one of the most prominent reasons which back its success. That's why millions of people are going crazy to download 24.

The whole show moves around Jack Bauer, who is a protagonist. This character has been played by Kiefer Sutherland. Jack is the leader of a top-notch CTU team. His job is audacious, risky and carries huge responsibilities as well. On the series, we see him protecting his nation and its total population from each and every sort of assault. His job was to safeguard his country from every danger, but above all from the terrorist actions. In 24 TV show his character works like a magnate who attracts the people.

The theme of this TV series chronicles Jack’s professional as well as personal life and shows how he makes a way to get out of all the difficulties with his optimum abilities.

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