The Ultimate Windows Theme Manager Stardock Windows Blinds 6.4 Released

Windows Blinds™ is one of the best theme manager for Windows™.
It can change the look and feel of the Windows XP and Vista by applying visual styles.It has hundreds of different features for enabling users to customize the look and feel of Windows.
Windows Blinds will not crash your system as it not changed any system files. So that it is safer to use in your Windows system. Also it works with less memory consumption.

Features and Performance of Windows Blinds.
  • Explorer backgrounds feature. This allows users to change the background of their explorer windows and control the colour and opacity. 30 different background textures can be selected by the user including no texture, wet paint, various marbles, and ice effects.
  • Support for 3 additional titlebar buttons on per pixel skins. These support rollup, help, always on top and command buttons.
  • Support for dialog background bitmaps - This was disabled on Vista in previous builds.
  • Added additional glass explorer sections. These will show up in future
New Features Version 6.4 includes.
  • Support for glass menu bars on Windows Vista
  • Support for a different mouseover image on the right hand side of the Start Menu
  • Control over the background color of the Start Menu and "Programs" list
  • Start button overlay now supports animation

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